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Getting To Know Jennifer Williams — Talent Acquisition Manager at BEAT81

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Getting To Know Jennifer Williams — Talent Acquisition Manager at BEAT81

How did your career start?

My recruitment career started in London in 2015. I was working in a recruitment agency as a Recruiter. I registered there as a candidate, and then they wanted to hire me. Before this position, I worked in Customer Success and Sales. I used my transferable skills and came with no bad habits so that they could mould me into a good recruiter. I spend two years in London. After that, I moved to Berlin and joined a SaaS company Contentful. I helped with defining and implementing their recruitment processes, implemented Greenhouse (applicant tracking system), and onboarded four colleagues in Berlin and San Francisco.

What's your typical morning routine like?

Before joining BEAT81 as an employee, I actually did an average 2-3 morning workouts in the park near my house with the company — the affinity with the product definitely aided my decision. So my typical morning is an early start with a BEAT81 workout, shower, breakfast, and then a call with my family in Australia, because of the time difference. On my commute to work, I usually check my emails, etc.

It's hard to say what my typical routine is at work since every day is different, but I like to start by reviewing the inbound applications so that I can start scheduling and filling my calendar with interviews. Plus meetings with Hiring Managers, company and team stand-ups — all while having a cup of coffee.

Can you explain your role in the company?

I came on as the first recruiter. It's a really exciting role as, aside from ACELR8, there wasn't any recruitment function in place. For me, this was part of the charm: setting things up, implementing processes, and having a holistic overview of recruitment as a whole.

What's the most exciting thing about your job?

Right now, I have the opportunity to make a major impact on hiring. I'm leading recruitment initiatives, working closely with senior management on hiring strategies, implementing new processes and tools. I'm excited to be contributing to the company growth right after they received a Series A funding of €6.4 mln.

What challenges do you face at your work?

Moving from a structured startup to an early-stage startup presents lots of challenges: everything surrounding brand awareness, finding innovative and fresh ways to attract, and retain the best talent out there. I work closely with HR to guarantee a solid and long-lasting onboarding. I also implement and ensure that the candidate process and experience is the best in town.

What are you bringing to BEAT81?

Aside from my 4 years of recruitment, I also bring a lot of excitement, emulating their high-energy product — it's fun, uplifting, and dynamic. I want the BEAT81 team to see this from me. It's really exciting to put my stamp on the recruitment function, and I'm looking forward to the next stages of growth here.

Is there anything you would like to share?

Thank you, ACELR8, for getting me a job! And thank you, Georgia, for giving me this opportunity and ensuring a great candidate experience.