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Getting To Know Dimitrios Magiakos — Head of Business Development at Moonfare

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Getting To Know Dimitrios Magiakos — Head of Business Development at Moonfare

How did your career start?

I started my career in 2010, working at JP Morgan's Private Bank in London. I spent five years with the firm, two of which as a Relationship Manager Analyst and the last three years as an Investment Advisor Associate. My role was servicing Ultra High Net Worth individuals, helping navigate the markets and advising them on how to deploy their capital across all asset classes.

What's your typical morning routine like?

I get up at around 7:30 am and go straight to the coffee machine. While brewing coffee, I will start listening to the morning news, usually, a market-related newscast from Bloomberg. I catch up on emails and start planning my day. When I get to the office, I have my second cup of coffee and prepare my breakfast.

Can you explain your role in the company?

My role in the company revolves around our clients — our investors. I make sure we provide them with the best service possible, help them understand our funds and allow them to build up their portfolios in this exciting, and — often exclusive — asset class. When I'm not in meetings discussing the progress of existing projects or thinking about news initiatives, I spend most of my time on the phone with either current or future investors.

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What's the most exciting thing about your job?

I would choose two things. First, hearing from new investors how happy they are that we exist and that we give them the opportunity to invest in private equity is definitely one. The other is getting the opportunity to mentor and train young professionals in the company. One of our values is that we build a business by building people, and I am very proud of how we live up to that.

What challenges do you face at your work?

In every business that moves from a startup to a scale-up phase, there will be challenges. One of the most prominent ones is making sure we integrate new joiners in the team in the most efficient way and that we help them integrate into our culture quickly.

What's on your work playlist?

I do not listen to music at the office. I enjoy the buzz of the office, love the sound of the phone ringing, and get energised by noise and the questions that fly around me. At home, I listen to pretty much everything, but for the past couple of years, I have been going through a Blues phase.

What would you suggest to someone seeking a new job?

Looking for a job is a full-time job. I wish I could say you will get an interview and the job you like after sending a couple of applications, but more often than not it is a process that requires preparation, perseverance, and confidence. When you get your interview, make sure you prepare on the company and the role. Ask questions about the culture and how you will be evaluated. It is as much a process for you as it is for the employer. Do not settle for something just because you are tired of the process - challenge yourself to find what will make you feel proud of yourself.

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