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Getting To Know Brooke Cheney — Junior Script Writer at Inkitt

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Getting To Know Brooke Cheney — Junior Script Writer at Inkitt

How did your career start?

Last winter, my visa was about to run out and I wasn’t sure how I would stay in Berlin. I felt like I was finding my creative voice here, and I wasn’t ready to leave the city I loved. But the previous year of freelancing had been difficult and left me insecure. I was uncertain about what kind of work I wanted to do, since I thought there would be no way to earn a salary doing what I loved: writing fiction. It was from this desperate place that I found Inkitt. As I read the job description for Junior Script Writer on LinkedIn, I realized my dream job was not only real, but in the city of my dreams. I applied immediately and the process went quickly. I think when things are meant to be, they fall into place.

What's your typical morning routine like?

For a while, I would write three pages long-hand when I woke up in the morning. This is a practice Julia Cameron calls “morning pages,” and I found it in her life-changing book, “The Artist’s Way.” These days, I keep a diary page open on my word processor stream of consciousness, unfiltered writing, in the spirit of morning pages. I add to it most days, but not always in the morning. As for a routine, I like to get a croissant on the way to work.

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Can you explain your role in the company?

Inkitt aims to be the most democratic publisher in the world. That means that anyone can post a manuscript on our platform. Our data team tracks its performance and when a story generates a lot of excitement, Inkitt approaches the author to potentially acquire rites to their idea for our immersive fiction app, Galatea. As a writer for Galatea, my role is to adapt these well-performing stories. With my team, we restructure the original plot and rewrite a story in Galatea style. Then, in-house sound designers create soundscapes that accompany our stories. The end result is cinematic, interactive, and addictive stories.

What's the most exciting thing about your job?

When I first started working at Inkitt, the stories published on Galatea were almost all romance. We have a lot of great motorcycle club and werewolf stories. We’ve recently started expanding to new genres, namely thriller and young adult fiction, and this process is continually exciting. However, the best part for me is that we write for a mainly female audience. Though I look forward to how our audience will grow and diversify as Galatea evolves, my aspiration has always been to write content that is meaningful to other women. That Galatea allows me to reach such a large audience so early in my career is sort of mind-blowing to me.

What challenges do you face at your work?

Things move quickly at Inkitt. Especially since we received substantial investment in our first fundraising round, we’re constantly growing. It can be hard to keep up, but it’s also part of the fun. We just moved to a new office, and I think we’re all reckoning with what our company identity is now, and what it will be as we continue to grow.

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What's on your work playlist?

I listen to a lot of rain sounds at work. It’s the only thing that I can write to (that I’ve found so far).

What would you suggest to someone seeking a new job?

For creative workers, expand your understanding of your craft. Push the boundaries of what you consider to be your “thing.” If you’re a portrait photographer, try food photography. Even if it doesn’t rock your world, you have new work that diversifies your portfolio and a new experience to speak from. When I was applying for work, I was constantly generating new writing samples for each position. If I had pushed myself to write more than confessional, avant-garde fiction, I would have felt like I had more to show for myself.

Don’t believe that if you haven’t been paid for your creative labor yet, then it isn’t worth anything. Sometimes, all it takes is one opportunity to prove your art can become sustainable work.

Also, don’t assume your dream job doesn’t exist.

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